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4Fun definition: This is a server configuration (or modification), where some plugins are activated and some realism commands are turned off
Where the server is just a joke! 4fun is free game, you do what you want and go wherever you want without having to follow tactics, more always aiming at the goals of the maps!
The big difference of this configuration is that we can play with it and with that to highlight one server of the other increasing the quality and the popularity of this server.
Below are some examples of modifications used in 4Fun mode.
»Execute command in online players
»Kicka players with high ping (200ms)
»Players can vote
»Admin has say in green color
»Say do amxmod (@say)
»Show online admins
»Reset your frags (say / frag)
»View the damage done
»Sounds of HeadShot, Multikill, etc.
»Quick menu
»Automatic Messages
»Every round can win free equipment
»Music at the end of each round
»Parachute for free
»Crossing team players
»Weapons with modified skins
»Various grenades modes

We at PXServers have founded an exclusive server, with several plug-ins unique and modified for its extreme fun. See below our IP:
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